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The Technologies And Systems Utilized In Marketing

Today, almost all the functions of marketing are conducted with the assistance of many technologies and information systems. These have helped to heighten the efficiency in the operation of marketing activities as well as introduce completely new avenues in marketing.

Here are a few of the significant technologies and systems used in each function of marketing.

Overall Marketing Function
There are Marketing Information Systems (MKIS) that provide managers with relevant information (such as market research information) and thus help managers to make decisions regarding all aspects of the marketing function. You can visit the site using this link for more of great brand agaency.

Product Design
A widely used technology in product design is Computer Aided Design (CAD), which is the use of computers and graphics software to design product prototypes. CAD allows the user to create precise two-dimensional or three-dimensional models of the product.

Product Promotion
In the creation of television advertisements, the business would make use of software such as video editing software. Animation design software is also used to create animated advertisements that are exciting and visually appealing.

The internet has opened up a new avenue for businesses to promote their products and services. Businesses can either buy advertising space on websites or they can use email for direct marketing. In this regard, there are systems that help a business to send, track and manage its email direct marketing campaigns.

Organizations also have to create attractive and user-friendly websites for customers. In order to increase their rankings on Google, organizations make use of search engine optimization tools, in hopes of increasing traffic to their websites.

Product Distribution
Automated warehousing is an example of technology utilized in the process of storing and distributing an organization’s products. There also exist systems for tracking the distribution of products across various sales points.

Customer Service
In terms of customer service, the most prominent and useful system would be the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This system allows an organization to gather and analyse customer data to provide the organization with information on customers such as customer profitability and customer buying behaviour. These systems therefore help a business to identify and retain profitable customers.

CRM systems may also come with modules for sales force and customer service. The customer service module exists to help increase the efficiency of customer support staff in customer call centres and help desks.

Sales Management
The main technologies and systems used in sales management include sales order processing systems and sales force systems.
A sales order processing system, as the name suggests, is a system that records all the sales transactions of an organization. Whereas, sales force systems help the sales force by providing them with information on potential sales leads, product details, product configuration capabilities and much more. These systems help increase the efficiency of the sales force and may come as a module in customer relationship management systems.

Oh Such Adorable Ways To Store Things!

Have you ever felt the need for a picture perfect storage solution? The kind of thing that you see in home designer or architecture magazines? Storage that is space efficient, sleek and simple in design, durable and long lasting and most important of all, storage solutions that are pleasing to the eye.

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Modular cube organizers are exceptionally simplistic in their design. However, the way in which you choose to organize these perfect squares is where the beauty lies. Their level of versatility is nothing short of amazing, as these shelves and boxes can be stacked in any design that you wish to create, given the nature of your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Even more so, our square compartment shelves come in a range of colours, in addition to a beautiful blue and a warm beige in which our fabric containers can be purchased.All made of the highest quality materials, you can rest assured that these storage devices will last you a lifetime, and give you many hours of pleasure as you indulge in your favourite hobbies.

Did I mention that you can mix and match the different compartments of your preferred storage design? In addition to being functional, you could opt to have a few strategically placed shelves bare, save for just one ornament which will speak volumes about yourself to those who visit your house. Imagine each of these components to be filled with one aspect of what makes you. A selection of textbooks related to your profession. A basketball. A pile of your daughters’ favourite children’s books. The terracotta vase which she made for you as a school project. A favourite family portrait. The possibilities are as limitless as the sheer volume and variety of items in our homes that require safe, secure and attractive storage. see this home organizer furniture.

You could further customize your shelves by placing fabric boxes in some of the nooks, there by adding colour and detail to your storage. Our over the counter range of options is extensive, as you will no doubt come to realize as you browse through our catalog. In addition, feel free to call and consult us, and we will fashion the perfect solution to your requirements.